Which museums worth to visit while in Warsaw? – guide in Warsaw

Which museums worth to visit while in Warsaw? – guide in Warsaw

Which museums worth to visit while in Warsaw?  Why with the guide in Warsaw?
In the previous note I wrote about places of memory associated primarily with the period of World War II, such as the Museum of  Pawiak Prison. In this article, I present the Museum of the History of Polish Jews POLIN. It’s a fascinating place, both in terms of the unique exposition and  ​​architectural values of the building. The key element is of course a permanent exhibition which presents 1,000 years of Jewish history in the Polish lands. The exhibition consists of 8 galleries: one thematic and other historical that speak of subsequent periods of the common Polish-Jewish history. The first gallery “Forest” introduces us to the subject of legend, which is trying to simply explain why
Jews came to the Polish lands in the Middle Ages? The next stages of history are presented in a narrative way: figuratively and on the basis of historical sources in the original language and translated into Polish and English. The exhibition has a  1 km length  and to pass it with a guide or audio guide takes about 2 hours. Without such help, you can get lost in the maze of information,because the exhibition  abounds in a huge amount of multimedia, video, and images and the self- interpretation may take several days. You really should take a tour of the museum with a guide that will show the most interesting and the most important elements of the exhibition weaving an interesting historical story. You will learn, among others, what the  Jews traded  during the Middle Ages? What are the Jewish customs? What is kosher? What is different in the Jewish cemetery? When the modern anti-Semitism was created?   I will be happy to unswer these and other questions during a tour of the museum. I will also tell the secrets of the symbolism of the architecture of the museum, its location, why it is Muranow and why this location is so unique. I will show you the surroundings of the Museum. You will notice that  POLIN is not only a permanent exhibition, but also a place of meetings, concerts, readings, place of intercultural dialogue, open and accessible for All.

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