Warsaw museums – Palace on the Island – Warsaw guide

Warsaw museums – Palace on the Island – Warsaw guide

przewodnik po WarszawieYou have visited the Royal Castle and you think you have seen the residence of the last polish king Stanisław August Poniatowski? If you are interested in beautiful interiors, especially those of the eighteenth century, you have to necessarily visit the Palace on the Island located in the Royal Baths Park (polish Pałac na Wyspie in Łazienki Królewskie Park)! Royal Castle is the main Warsaw residence of polish kings  and last dukes of Mazovia. The last king who lived at the Castle located in the Old Town (Old Warsaw) was Stanisław August Poniatowski. Did you know that the prominent patron of the arts was tired of the busy Old Warsaw and fed up with smelly city in summer time and wanted to raise his own residence away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Palace on the Island also called  the Palace on the Water (summer residence) and accompanying buildings is a dream come of the king. Personally I prefer the less spacious interiors of the Palace on the Isle than elegant lounges of the Castle in the Old Town.

How and when to visit the Palace on the Island? Of course the best in the company of a Warsaw guide who will show you the interiors of the Palace, and if you want also the interiors of other great buildings such as: the Old Orangery and White House. I will tell you about the Park, show the monument of Frederic Chopin and other sculptures, sometimes hidden among the bushes, the magnificent amphitheater from the time of King and the Chinese Gardens, to talk about its symbolism. The Palace can be visited almost all year round, except for the conservation period in winter time, when it is worth to check availability of facilities at  the website. Park presents the most beautiful in spring and autumn. In other seasons also it has a lot of charm, and in the summer can take a break there and relax.

Why Palace on the Island is so special? Firstly, because apart from the  partial destruction, its architecture survived the conflagration of war, because of its unique style, a collection of paintings, which are located in the palace interiors, small yet bright and decorated with extraordinary taste royal apartments. Secondly, because of its location and the environment: in the midst of wonderfully well-kept park, surrounded by a pond, beautiful sculptures and  royal peacocks strolling around.

I saw a lot of gardens and parks, for example. El Retiro in Madrid or the Boboli Gardens in Florence, but believe me, this park is truly unique, and working in this beautiful place is a pleasure!

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