Royal Castle in Warsaw – Warsaw guide

Royal Castle in Warsaw – Warsaw guide

zwiedzanie warszawy z przewodnikiem

Night view of Old Warsaw’s Castle Square during Chritsmas

warsaw sigtseeingRoyal Castle in Warsaw – the symbol of Polish national heritage and tourist attraction. Visiting Old Town, there is no way to not to look at the courtyard of the Royal Castle. But is it worth to go inside? Yes of course! Royal Castle and the Old Town of Warsaw was inscribed in 1980 on the UNESCO World Heritage list. What attractions does Royal Castle offer?

If you want to learn how to the Polish kings lived, why the king’s bed is so small, and whose faces are hidden in the statues of Minerva and Apollo, book a guided tour of the castle with a licensed guide in Warsaw. I’ll show you the royal apartments, talking about the royal plans for improving the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, court affairs, history of the destruction and reconstruction of the probably the youngest monument in Poland, paintings of Baciarelli, Canaletto and Matejko and many other curiosities. You’ll know which parts of the castle, furniture and paintings survived the conflagration of war, why the royal throne decorate 86 eagles and why Augustus II was called “Mighty”. Royal suites are,however, only part of the castle’s treasure. A tour of the apartments is good to begin with watching  3 short (about 8 min each) movies depicting the history of the construction of the Castle and its inhabitants, destruction and reconstruction. To explore the royal rooms you should reserve a minimum of 1 hour (1-1,5h). Then you can consider visiting other exhibitions.

It is worth visiting the Lanckoroński collection, which hides an interesting selection of paintings, silver and other precious artifacts, the most precious are two paintings by Rembrandt. Up to 28 February you can also admire the “Portrait  of Anetka Tyszkiewiczówna”  by Josef Grassi. In addition you can consider visiting the Royal Library, the Kubicki Arcades and Royal Gardens (the last option is definitely for the period spring-summer-autumn). Another attraction is the Tin-Roof Palace, where we visit apartments of Prince Jozef Poniatowski and a collection of Oriental Carpets.

If you choose to see the castle by your own remember to check the opening hours of the Castle, especially in the winter season when some of the routes might be excluded from visiting due to ongoing conservation works. For more information check the website:


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