Frederic Chopin Museum in Warsaw – guide in Warsaw

Frederic Chopin Museum in Warsaw – guide in Warsaw

Fryderyk (Frederic) Chopin Museum is another place on the map of the capital, not to be missed! It happens that Frederic Chopin in the world is considered to be a Frenchman,  because of his  French surname,  and also because he was buried in Paris. Nothing could be more misleading! Frederic Chopin was a Pole with flesh and blood and his music is so unique and recognizable around the world because of the inspiration of the Polish folk music present in his work.

Frederic Chopin Museum is located in Warsaw at Tamka street, in a beautiful Ostrogski Castle. It is worth to visit it when you visit a nearby Krakow Suburb street (the Royal Route) or explore the Powiśle district (e.g. The Copernicus Science Center). The visit will take approx. 1 hour, unless you’re a music lover, then you can spend in the Museum all day listening to the Chopin’s music work. The permanent exhibition is located on 3 levels. You can visit the museum reserving a guided tour around Warsaw or alone using the interactive cards. The exhibition is full of multimedia, presented in a modern way, not very extensive. At level 0 we can find souvenirs and information about the birth of Frederic, his family, life in Warsaw, education and first public concerts. His Paris “period” and relationships with women are presented on the first floor (level 1). At level 2, memorabilia and stories related to travel and concerts and a room dedicated to his death. At the level -1 there is a room where you can listen to all of Chopin’s works.

Why it is worth to visit this museum with a guide (Warsaw guide)? Firstly, because the guide will tell interesting facts about Chopin’s life that you will not find alone there e.g.: what was his relationship with the writer George Sant, why he never dedicated his work to his lovers, when he was considered a genius, why one of the rooms smells of violets and many others. Secondly, because usually some of the interactive screens does not work properly.  Thirdly, and very important: a visit to the museum can be combined with a walk to discover Chopin’s Warsaw, to see the Church of St. Cross, where his heart is located or to visit the Royal Baths Park. The Royal Baths Park is a real treasure of Warsaw – you can  admire there (among others)  the most famous statue of Chopin, from late spring you can smell the smell  a special variety of rose  called”Chopin” and listen to  free life concert of Chopin’s music. By the way, you can take a selfie with Chopin and see Warsaw with his eyes. You can find more information about Chopin’s Route on my website.

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